Beginners Guide: Ubuntu 10.10 Software Center

I have been writing more posts focusing Ubuntu lately. I am enjoying it. In this, tutorial I am going to show you what are the things you can do with the Ubuntu Software Center in my Ubuntu 10.10. If you have been using Ubuntu, you might be familiar with the Ubuntu Software Center. You can add or remove applications, see the installed softwares in your Ubuntu and get the history about the changes made, updates, removals and all.

To open Ubuntu Software Center:

Go to Applications>Ubuntu Software Center which will take a while.

Ubuntu Software Center looks like this:

Linux Ubuntu Software Center

To install the software:

With the Ubuntu window open in your desktop you can see Get software where the software are categorized and placed. Also, you can see the featured, new applications and slide shows. Click on the specific categories and explore the softwares.


Also, you can search the software using the name in the right hand side search button. After you click, your desire software then you can see the more info and Install. More Info gives you the details about the software including screenshots. After, you are ready to install the software, click on the install, you need to authenticate and the software will be installed in your linux system.

Searching softwares in Ubuntu

To view the software and remove it

You can also view the installed software in your linux system by clicking in the Installed Software which is just below the Get Software. You can then view the information about the software and also you can remove the software be clicking on remove button.


You can also check out the history or the changes made to the software. You can see the date when the software was installed, updated or removed. Also, check out the software sources which is under Edit Menu in Ubuntu Software Center.


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