Best seo permalink structure for wordpress to increase traffic

WordPress user can choose variety option in their blog including different plugins which helps to boost their seo. Beside this permalink structure plays a vital role in the SEO (search engine optimization).  By default permalinks structure of your blog would be  http://yourdomain/?p=123 which is not the best seo structure that every blogger should follow. There are other numerous permalink option that the use can choose.

Day and name: http://yourdomain/2010/05/30/sample-post/

Month and name: http://yourdomain/2010/05/sample-post/

Numeric: http://yourdomain/archives/123

Custom structure: you can choose on your own.

Best permalink structure for wordpress blog

Permalink structure play a major role in the search engine optimization of your blog. Sometimes use might be in dilemma while choosing permalink structure for their blog because there are numerous choice for wordpress user.  I use custom structure %post% for my blog. There are numerous reason to do so.  I recommended you to use custom structure for your wordpress blog because the other method like day and name and month and name are not the best for seo.

Which permalink structure should you choose for your blog.

I recommended you to choose custom permalink structure. you can use different custom structure like

/%post%/ – it is the best permalink structure if you have arrange your post in different category or more than one category.

/%category%/%postname%/: it would be suitable for those user who arrange per post per category basis. it wouldn’t be suitable for those user who have use more than one category in single post.

Note: you can change your permalink structure anytime you like but you have to consider many things before changing your permalink structure because its hampers in your search engine traffic. if you have registered you new blog then you can choose any permalink structure you like but if you have transfer your blog from any other blogging platform like blogger or you blog would have already been indexed in the search engine therefore you might be 404 error if you change your permalink without using plugin. you can change your permalink structure without lossing any traffic with the help of plugin

How to change the permalink in wordpress

you can change the permalink in wordpress by going to setting>> permalink. then you can choose it according to your requirement.

permalink structure for wordpresspermalink structure

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8 Responses to Best seo permalink structure for wordpress to increase traffic

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  2. etcwd ROMANIA Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    this is great! many thanks

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  4. Awesome article for wordpress permalinks..great tips. However has anyone been able to do something like this on Blogger? Does Google blogspot grant permission to change the permalink structure?

    Thanks and keep up the good work!

  5. I’ve just made a fresh install of WP 3.1.1 (didn’t use hoster’s one-click install in Fantastico) and can confirm that clumsy ?p=123 permalink structure is default. I bet most WP users change it right after installation.

    • saugat NEPAL Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

      Yes most of them change the default permalink structure and you should change it because permalink structure matters in seo

  6. Rahul INDIA Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    I use permalink similar to the ones used here except for the post id. Ive thought about changing it but then, going out of google’s index would mean a lot of lost trafic. That is something I cant afford :(

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