KaanZI: Do different things on web through command line

When we think about the computer in the earlier days the operating system can only performed task through command line. Even though there are been massive improvement in the Graphical user interface, command line gives you the ability to perform certain task easily than graphical use interface lets take a quick example on Linux. If you want to remove something from home directory graphical user interface is an easy option for you but what if you want to remove only the HTML file from the home directory in such cases command line play an important role to make your task faster. Web search

KaanZI is a web based application tool that helps to browse the web through the command line.  Sound amazing! KaanZI gives you unique experience to browse web. It is still in its development period therefore don’t expect it as a complete tool to replace graphical user interface to browse Webpage. There are few bunch of command that are really helpful and might be more easier to use than graphical user interface. Lets check the some commands and features of KaanZI.

KaanZI supports all together 12 commands. Ofcouse the more command will be added in the near future. As soon as you hit any of the command you will be given the keyword that you can use with the command.

Search Command

Search command do two basic arguments. Searching information from internet and from twitter account.  I don’t find the search command for the web much useful as it show only limited amount of search result. However search from twitter  is quite effective it can include two parameters including the search keyword and the username .


Flickr command has only one argument. The recent uploaded picture can be seen with flickr command.


Performing the mathemitical calcuation is much easier . You can perfrom simple calculate however complex mathemetical problem is not possible

Updating status Tweets

Updating status in your Facebook and Twitter is much easier with post command.

Weather :

Weather command show the weather of the particular location.

Other command:
Find command helps to find the information about places in terms of search result. Login twitter enable you to login into your twitter account.

Go to kaanZI website

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