4 best screencasting or desktop recording application for linux ubuntu

screencasting ubuntuScreen-casting is the effective ways to present your activity of your personnel computer with the help of visualization. Screen casting is a bit difficult in Linux than in windows but if you found the right application then the hard things might change into easy stuff. Linux has various screencasting application with each individual application having their own function and characteristics. Good screen casting software are not only the one that has ability for recording some desktop session and present to users or the person you want to share. The quality and the different functionality like audio support, direct upload available to the various video sharing website also make screen casting more easier, simpler and perfect. Here are the best screen casting tools that are suitable for Ubuntu or almost any Linux distribution.

1. Kazam


Kazam is the best screen casting application for Ubuntu user which has wide variety of features.  Kazam supports .mkv file format. The user can save the recorded video into their computer and edit it or upload to video sharing website like youtube. Kazam ask your about your desire procedure after your stop the recording session. Kazam is still in beta and may still have bugs. Some features doesn’t work on Ubuntu 10.10. According to the developer kazam has various features like editing your video after recording it, choosing various file format which doesn’t work on Ubuntu 10.10. But still Kazam is the best screen casting tools for Ubuntu.

2. gtk-Record My Desktop


Record my desktop is another alternative for ubuntu users. Record My desktop is one of the widely use screencasting tools used in Linux platform.  The output video will be in ogv format. The users can record either the full window or the selection part of the window. Other function like direct upload to youtube and other video sharing website lacks on Record My desktop. Furthermore you have to convert the uploaded video to mp4, avi, mpeg etc for uploading in various video sharing website.

3. Istanbul


Istabul is a simple screencasting tools that has very user friendly interface. The user can record the full screem, selected part of the window or a portion of the desktop. The recorded video will be in ogv format. Despite of its user friendly interface it lacks various features like you can’t change the final output video format, can’t share the video directly to video uploading website

4. Xvidcap

xvidcap screencasting

Xvidcap helps you to record desktop as well as allow you to take single frame screen shot. Xvid has wide various of supported output format including mp4, avi etc. Therefore you don’t have to use another application to convert video.

Final Conclusion: You can use anyone these tools for your screen casting purpose. However if you can flexibility kazam is the best choice for your because it has almost replace all the traditional screen casting tools function. Using other listed application can extend your screen casting works because lacking of various features like ogg format support only on recording(expect on xvidcap) lack on editing features with which you have to use other tools.

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