How to install Apt get in Fedora

Apt get is a Debian based package manager which is used in Ubuntu and Debian. Fedora uses yum, rpm based package manager. Yum is used to install and uninstall applications, list the installed and available packages and many more. See the usage of yum. Apt get(Advanced Package Tool) is another tool for handling packages. Apt get is also powerful and primarily used in the command line to handle the packages. In this tutorial, I am going to show you how to install apt-get in Linux distro Fedora. Currently, I am running Fedora 16. The installing process are same for all the versions of Fedora.

Install Apt get in Fedora:

Go to terminal and as a root type:

sudo yum install apt

After successfully installing we should add the write permission to the file source.list in the apt directory. To add the permission type:

sudo chmod u+rwx /etc/apt/sources.list

See more about changing the ownership and permission .

Now, we shall add the repositories to the file sources.list. We are going to use nano editor to edit this file. Type:

nano /etc/apt/sources.list

After the file is opened at the end of the line add these three line of codes:

rpm fedora/linux/4/i386 core updates freshrpms
rpm fedora/linux/4/i386 tupdates
rpm fedora/linux/1/i386 core updates freshrp

apt get install in fedora

Hit Ctrl+O to save and Ctrl+X to exit from the nano.

Apt get is now successfully installed in Fedora. Enjoy apt get in Fedora


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