Create your own wifi Hotspot in Ubuntu 11.10 in just a minute

You might be using different application for turning your computer into WIFI hotspot. WIFI hotspot enables your device to acts like an access point where other device with wirless connectivity can join the particular network and enjoying the surfing. Ubuntu 11.10 gives user easy way to turn their computer into hotspot. You can simply do it without installing any application.

To get started got to the network setting>> Wireless. You will see the following screen in your Computer.


Click on Use as Hotspot. You hotspot will be immediately create with the SSID name “UBUNTU”. If you want to change it go to configure

wifi_hotspot_ubuntuTo create your own connection name change your feild in 1. To Enable security in your Hotspot click on 2 as show in above diagram. To change your SSID change your feild in 3. To cloned your MAC address of your device give Mac address in feild 4.

To Configure wireless security, select different security mode of your desire and put your desired password.



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6 Responses to Create your own wifi Hotspot in Ubuntu 11.10 in just a minute

  1. Claude SWEDEN Mozilla Firefox Ubuntu Linux says:

    Is this works with any HW? In my case, after clicking on Use as Hotspot it asked me to disconnect from xxx (current WiFi connection) (this is expected and fine) but then revert to using the normal mode of connecting to the existing WiFo network. I am speculating that it does that because my HW does not support being an Access Point. But this is just speculation on my part….

  2. Ian MALAYSIA Mozilla Firefox Linux says:

    I’m also trying to share my wired connection as a WiFi (infrastructure) hotspot with my Android phone, but when I followed the instructions as given for the last picture, it starts showing the “trying to connect to WiFi” moving symbol.

    It then asks for the password again, as if it is trying to connect to a WiFi, even though I’m not asking it to connect to a WiFi, but rather, want it to be a WiFi hotspot.

    After that, it just disconnects, never having set up the WiFi hotspot. I’m using a HP Pavilion g4.

    Any ideas? Your help is appreciated. Thanks.

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  4. epredator POLAND Google Chrome Ubuntu Linux says:

    in many phones sartphones with andoird your hint will doesn’t work. In windows people has Connectivity and that program works with every smartphone but in Ubuntu I don’t finded any program like Connectivity. If you found please contact me :)!

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