16 Best seo plugin for wordpress

wordpress seoSEO(Search Engine Optimization) plays an important role on success of every blog or website. There are numerous ways that are  being experimented by different blogger, internet marketer, or website owner to improve search engine optimization. For the wordpress users various ways like choosing the best permalink structure, using the appropriate themes, using sitemap including video, image are the basic way to improve SEO.  Beside it, the plugin of the wordpress gives wordpress users extremly great privillege to improve the SEO without any effort. Here are the 25 Best plugin for the wordpress users to improve the SEO.

Site Map Generators

1. google xml sitemap

Google Xml plugin will automatically generate site for your blog that helps to optimize your blog for various search engine like google, bing, yahoo etc. The sitemap include all the pages, post where the users can give different priority to post, page, category etc. It will automatically notify search engine about your new post, pages etc.

2. Image Sitemp

Image sitemap will create sitemap of all the image that are included in your blog. Thus image sitemap will helps to optimize the image of your wordpress blog creating a different sitemap for your image

3. Video Sitemap

Video is another effective way to increase traffic on your blog. Video sitemap will automatically create a sitemap of your video that may be embedded from  tube or any other video sharing websites. Video sitemap will automatically notify search engine about the new video that are embedded in your blog.

4. HTML sitemap

WordPress html create a HTML sitempa of blog pages. This plugin is different form the xml sitmap generation plugin. HTML page sitemap is more userful to the user who use wordpress as CMS(content management system) rather than blog.

5. Wp shopping cart xml sitemap

This plugin is only useful for the users who use wordpress as ecommerce website. This plugint add product and categories from dds products and categories from the WP E-Commerce plugin to your XML sitemap .

For optimization of your wordpress blog

6. All in one seo pack

All in one seo works almost with every wordpress theme. All in one seo pack content various features like advance canonical URL, automatically optimize titles for serach engine. User can also add Meta tag in very post and page without any manual operation. It also avoid the duplicate content that are found in your wordpress blog. This plugin is simple and easy to use.


SEO Slugs helps to improve in search engine optimization by removing common words like ‘a’, ‘the’ ‘in’ from post and blog titles. it will automatically work after the installation of the plugin

8. SEO friendly image

SEO friendly images helps in the visibility of image of your wordpress blog to various search engines. it helps to update all image with proper ALT and title attributes. Beside this it will alsop makes to make w3C/xhtml valid. This plugin might be useful because every blogger use huge amount of image in their blog. Therefore optimizing image might be the great way to increase traffic to your blog

For Link Optimization

9. SEO Smart links

SEO smart link links corresponding phrases and keyword of your post, pages, cotegories and tag of your blog Additionally user can set their own keyword and matching URL. it may be the perfect solution to interlinked your blog post. Users can edit the option from administration setting panel

10. No self Ping

No self ping will block wordpress blog post from being ping on the same wordpress blog. Thus it helps to disable intra blog pinging. it is easy to use. User just need to activate the plugin in order to take effect.

11. Redirection

Redirection plugin helps to manage 301 redirection, the various features included 404 error monitoring, custom ‘pass-throught’ redirection , full logs for all redirected URLs
12. Dean’s Permalink Migration

its is useful for those who want to change the exisiting permalink structure of their wordpress blog. User can simply change your permalink without breaking any old post code which also doesn’t hamper your google pagerank. You can find how to change permalink structure with deans permalink migration here also know which is the best permalink strcture for your wordpress blog

Speeding your wordpress blog

Wp super coache will generate static html file from wordpress blog and those files will be proccessed to the users which helps to reduce the loading time of wordpress blog. The web server can load the static html file lots easier than wordpress PHP script.

Hyper coache is another cache system plugin for wordpress users. This plugin uses Microsoft IIS. This plugin has various features like 404 caching, redirects cachin. it also support global translator for the international users.


15. SEO data transporter

it helps to transfer all the input seo information of one theme or plugin to another. This is superperfect for the premium theme framework users like thesis theme who want to migrate to another theme and doesn’t want to loose all their seo information. User can select their themes and plugin that they use and can choose the theme that they want to migrate.

16. Seo tools

SEO tools is the all in one pacage which has wide variety of SEO function. The different tools included in the plugin are URL checker, keyword list multiplier, Build URL checker, Link variance, RSS FEED commander, Landing page Determinator.

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3 Responses to 16 Best seo plugin for wordpress

  1. This is by far the most extensive list of SEO Plugins that I have yet to come across. You even went as far as to completely describe their functions and usage while most bloggers just give it a quick mention and move on. That’s definitely the mark of a blogger who knows his plugins.

    I’ll be referencing this post on my main blog.

  2. This is a pretty extensive list for sure, but I have to say, I just installed WordPress SEO (by Yoast), which I don’t see on the list here, but it’s developed by one of the greatest minds in the WordPress community and does a fantastic job. It even combines many of the functions that the plugins you’ve listed here do. I made the switch from All-in-one SEO Pack and am so glad I did!

    • rakesh Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

      You are right dave. Yoast is one of the best free seo plugin available right now for wordpress. It is a combination of some of the best plugins.

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