Freshtutorial is a blog started as a platform to share tutorial, tips and tricks related to technology.  Freshtutorial was established in 2010, with arbitrary stuffs about technology.  The blog has been transformed into Linux and Open source blog after receiving the pertinent advice from the readers. Today Freshtutorial delivers the latest tips and tricks for Linux(different distros) and Open source software. We also review the application and helps to provide best possible list to the readers.

Who is behind Freshtutorial
Saugat Adhikari

I am Saugat, tech enthusiastic, Linux and Open source fan. I work in search engine optimization as my day job.  I use Ubuntu as my primary operating system.  I prefer Debian. My favorite Desktop environment is Gnome 2. I am trying to adopt with unity. I mostly write about Ubuntu, tips and ticks, how to tutorial or about that application that amuse me or I find useful .

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Email: saugat@freshtutorial.com

Sachit Adhikari

Hello Everyone. I have been using Linux for two years and more. I am loving every moment with it. I am huge fan of Open source community, GNU General Public License and the Linux itself. I am also a Python programmer. I write about tutorials, tips, customization, troubleshooting(let’s say everything about Linux and Open source world).  I also do request. For example: If you have trouble doing anything or sorting out things in Linux, feel free to contact me and I will write a post about it. If it’s urgent I will reply you through the e-mail. I love sharing what I know. Enjoy your time in the blog. Feel free to give both positive and negative comments. If you are interested in sharing, please sign up as a guest author and share what you know.

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 Email: Sachit.adhikari@freshtutorial.com

While every precaution has been taken in the providing accurate information, the author assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions, or for damages resulting from the use of the information contained herein. In other words, if you use anything in this website to, say, configure systems that control an American space shuttle, you’re on your own

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