Does WordPress theme matters in SEO?

wordpress seoUsing a fancy WordPress with attractive graphics and flexible design is the choice of every blogger. There is no doubt that using every blogger want to use attractive wordpress theme. The problem start with the start of blogging in wordpress. With the amount of money spend on the webhosting many people feels hesitate to spend money on  wordpress theme. So the blogging start with free wordpress with minor customization by looking at various forum or with self little knowledge. Very few people know the vulnerabilities that the wordpress theme can cause to their blog. The question gradually start evolving in every individual blogger mind with some decent time. Does the wordpress theme that I am using hampers my website SEO? Here is the answer of this question.

When a normal person start blogging with some interest. He doesn’t care much about SEO. The big concern about him/her is to make blog attactive. Gradually when people start knowing the power of SEO. They start optimizing it in various way using different techniques like using different seo plugins, using appropriate permalink starting, building internal linking, increase backlinks etc. But very few realise that wordpress themes hampers on their SEO. The theme which is familiar to SEO is generally know as “SEO friendly wordpress theme”.

Does your themes contains bugs and errors.

Back around 10 years back around year 2000. There are very few computer literate people. There are quite limited resources to learn programming and computer related stuff.Very reputed company and the strong individual only got website at that times. But today’s every individual can have access over internet. The resources like free ebooks, various learning website, DVD, online classes makes people more easier to know various stuffs about computer and other programming.  When looking at wordpress, People with knowledge of php, mysql, html and css normally can make a wordpress theme. Normally there are two type of developers one commercial another free. When it concern to commercial uses, every developers is concern about the bugs errors as he has to compete in the market. If it is free the chance is less like to be occur.

Note: I don’t mean that free wordpress themes are wrost. Very few people can analyze the code and the bugs that are in wordpress theme. Therefore the free wordpress theme might contains bugs and errors. You must learn to analyze it by looking at different stuff like w3c validiation

Is your WordPress theme w3c validated.

If  you have few knowledge of SEO. Every individual code that are in your themes matters in SEO.  The wordpress themes like thesis are popular due to its framework structure that are friendly to search engine. Make sure that the themes you use is W3C school validated. If you want to know more about W3C validation you can check it here

Does your wordpress theme loads fast.

Google has recently included the unique methods of ranking website by looking at the loading speed of the website. Many people have misconception that using VPS hosting or dedicated hosting only helps to increase the speed of your website which is apparently wrong. Yes, using the good webhosting does matters in fast website loading but the theme structure of your website also hampers in SEO. The uses of excivessly javascript code, high graphs and image are the main cause of reducing the loading speed of your website. Here are the few tools that helps to know the speed your website.

1. Websiteoptimizer: helps to determine the speed of your blog including HTML pages, css, image. Also provide the recommendation to optimize speed in different suggestion.

2. Webslug: helps to compare the speedof your blog with another blog.

Final conclusion: After considering all these expect you should choose your WordPress theme. There are huge amount of WordPress themes available from free to premium. Therefore you might be able to pick right one for your. If you are planning to buy premium themes you should first read the review of the themes in various website and takes the final decision whether the themes is appropriate for your or not.

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  2. rakesh Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Theme makes a lots of difference in your blogging journey. As i can see you are using thesis theme on this blog. no doubt thesis is a great theme but it needs a lots of customization. After such a large customization it fits on your requirement. If you are little bit aware of php html and css. Then i think you can develop your own great theme.

    Over all a good information for the beginner. Thanks a lot for sharing this information.

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