How to make wordpress site load faster

wordpress-speedFast loading of website tends to improve your website traffic, reduce bounch rate, improve engagement of readers. Slow website create frustration to your readers. Lets take a example. You find out important information in a blog but the loading speed of the blog is slow. Ofcourse it create a frustration. There are billions website with trillions of information. No user can wait for your blog to load and expect some information from it. Users or your Readers generally tends to search the other sources to find same information. Moreover Google also gives priority to fast loading Website. Fast loading of website has numerous benefit.

We have arranged a group of tutorial for a better performance of your blog. Remember than Shifting to Virtual Private Server or Dedicated Server not only increase the loading speed of your blog. You need to take care of various things including plugin, themes, script, images to take an effective result on your blog.

1.   Plugin that helps to Speed up your WordPress blog

1.1 W3 total cache plugin

W3 total cache plugin has wide variety of uses.It reduces page load time by the use of caching of database object , minification of css, javascript code. CDN Can be configured with W3total cache plugin in easy way without using any other plugin for CDN. W3total Cache plugin can be used in shared hosting VPS and dedicated hosting. W3 total cahce plugin is compatible with WPMU and Buddypress too.


1.2  WP Minify

Wp minify reduces the size of your CSS and javascript file of our wordpress blog by compressing it. The process start with grabbing the css and javascript file of your website and it gives the list of file to minify engine. Then the minify engine returns a consolidated, minified and compressed script.

It automatically compress the necessay HTML, CSS and javascript files of your website. Gzip reduces the response size about 60%-80% which ultimately reduces the loads time of your website in your user browsers.

1.4 WP
It is an excellence plugin for optimizing image for better performances. Smush optimize the image by stripping meta data from JPEGS, optimizing JPEG compression, converting certain GIFs to indexed PNGS, stripped the un-used colours from indexed images.

1.5 WP Database optimizer

Whenever you delete the post,plugin or theme, deleted entries leave overhead on you database which you should cleard out. Database Optimizer thus helps you to optmize your database. The task will be automatic. you can set the number of days between optimization. You can also see alternative way by optimize your table from phpmyadmin below(See tutorial 3).

2. Use of CDN

CDN will improves the blog performances decrease the server load and optimize your website in terms of speed, search engine ranking etc. . CDN simply refers to content delivery network or content distribution network is a system where all your files will be in different nodes of networks. Therefore the user can get the files from the nearest node of where they are surfing. There are various CDN service available . I am using maxcdn for my blog. But if you don’t want to invest any money on CDN now you can simply go with speedymirror which offers 50GB free traffic.

3. Optimize you WordPress database

You can optimize your WordPress table by logging into phpmyadmin. Select your required database form phpmyadmin check all table and optimize your database. See below Screenshot. for more details. Note if you have already install WP database Optimizer you don’t have to perform this task the plugin do it automatically for you.



4.Include Google Instant pages in your website

Google instant page helps the chrome user to prefetch the page in background that your user are most likely to click. Thus user can achieve the page like the localhost server.  Amit Agrawal from labnol has made a nice tutorial about it. You can see it here.

5.Choose appropriate things for you

5.1 Use Appropriate Webhosting
There are large amount of webhosting provider. First know your need. How much resources do you need for your blog. If you just start your website go with shared webshosting. Don’t trust every company. Read review before buying webhosting. if you have decent amount traffic then you can go with VPS or dedicated server. Webhosting plays an important role for any website. If you are going with shared webhosting you should know how much user does company allocate per server. What is the configuration of their webserver. Please note that the comapny using low amount of resources and high amount of users in shared webhosting usually tends to slower down the website of the users.

5.2 Choosing Right theme and Removing unnecessary plugin

Only put the necessary plugin that you are using in your WordPress blog. Its always a good practice to delete the plugin that you are not using. While choosing the WordPress theme don’t trust every sources. The theme with high amount of java script unmanaged CSS file shouldn’t be chosen. Also see how wordpress theme matters in seo. I recomended thesis theme framework for wordpress user.

Final Conclusion: After all this operation you can check the load time of your blog with iweb  and also compare your blog with your friends or the website that you want to know which will load faster. You can do it here

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  1. Anas INDIA Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Thanks for the helpful article. please include best optimization plugins for wordpress

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    You really helped me to increase the page speed of my site.

    Thanks a lot man…..I have subscribed You.

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