8 awesome website to watch movie online for free

No doubt internet is a big sea where you almost every kind of delicious fish you want. The recent develpement of high speed boardband internet gives users lots of flexibility. You might have watch lot of video trailer, some movie clips in various video sharing websites like youtube, metacafe etc. If you choice is something more than that here are the prefect 10 website that has wide variety of movie collection that you can watch online.

1. Youtube Movies

youtube movies

Youtube movies is the first choice for every movie freak. Movies is divided into various genre where the user can choose the favourite one for them. When the usr hover the thumbails of the movie the information about the movie will be display. On the right hand side recently added movies will be display. On this page you will not see the other youtube video. Only movie will be show in this page

Hulu is another prefect choice for you. Hulu lets user to watch full-length movies, TV show, various video clips etc. Therefore behind the movie you can find other various video. But it only work on US IP.
Moivies planet let you to watch various movie, tv show online. Benind that it also let you to final all your favourite genre, actor, actress, and directories and see what they’ve been up to. user can check all the new top box office hits and what’s new around the movie world
freemovies online
Free online movies is the largest collection of free public domain features movie. Therefore you don’t have to worry about the legal copyright issue. As every movie is in public domain.
5. Letmewatch
features movie
Movie watch is another source to watch movie online. Instead of hosting movie in their own server they simply provide link of the movie. Flash player or for some video DIVx player is required. User can download this plugin and can enjoy the movie experiences for free.

6. 10 Star Movies

watch movie online10starmvoies is another easy source to watch movie online. User can watch movies, tv show, documentaries without registration. user can see the Genre, Release date of the movie, views of the movie by user and rating of the movie on features movie section. The community enables user to communicate with each other.

7.  Solarmovie

Watch Full Movies Online for FreeSolarmovie offers huge selection of movie as well as user friendly navigation. User can choose the different genre of movie from action adventure etc. The search bar at top of the site faciliates to search movie of their type.

8. Movies Data center

watch movie onlineMovies data center enables user to watch movies documentaries with the left navigation bar categories into latest movies, popular movies, top rated movies, user can easily browse movies by genre and search movies, documentaries easily.

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