How to view and kill the process in Linux using Terminal

In this post, I am going to show you how to see the processes that are currently running in your Linux machine and how to kill them. We will use a simple command to do this. We will see the currently running processes in Terminal. Process means the application, command, or script that is running in your computer. Process can be visible or it can be hidden. If I just open Mozilla Firefox, then the process is created. Each process has the unique ID, called PID.

How to view the process?

Open the terminal and type this command:

ps -e

To view in the page manner type:

ps -e | less

process in linux

Here, PID refers to the process ID. Every process has the unique id.

To kill the process:

kill process_id

If you are new to Linux and familiar to Windows, you may have used Windows Task Manager. It’s the same thing. You could end task from there. Here, in Linux you just did it through terminal.

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