Use google and bing same time to find the best search

google vs bing

Google with alexa page ranking 1 was ruling the game before and is still ruling. It was sort of monopoly for 10years in search engine. Google is the world’s most viewed site ever. Now, the Microsoft come with a search engine Bing with the collaboration with yahoo. The yahoo search engine is also now powered with the bing. Bing has such a pretty and easy look which keeps on changing its background day by day with the entire information about the background. Comparing a google and bing is not a easy task because they both have the superb search engine capability. Though, most of the characteristics of Bing and Google are same they have a couple of different things. When we type a search keyword in the Bing and in Google we can see the various links that matches the search as also we can see the search history on the left side of it which we cannot access in Google. The war is on the floor between the Bing and the Google. It is a bit hard for Bing because Google is ruling the scene with its popularity. Bing can only win the war or overtake Google by increasing its search capabilities, covering almost everything then the people might say, “I will Bing it”. Even though Google is ruling in search engine Microsoft is also back with their different in Bing.  The new  Algorithm in bing which makes bing more popular among each individuals nowadays. Therefore, the popularity of bing is increasing day by day on the otherhand   google is stilling ruling the search engine.

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People might sometimes compelled to use different search engine if they don’t find their related search result. If you want to use google and bing at the same time the googlevsbing might be your right choice it shows the search result both in bing and google in two different column at a single website.   With the search comparision between two search engines  it would be easy for you to find your desired content as well as it helps you to choose the best search engine among google and bing according to your need.

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