Make USB bootable using Linux

Today’s USB drive is capable of storing huge amount of data. Although you can use USB drive for multiple purpose. Recently I downloaded fedora Linux distrubution and try to install in USB drive through Ubuntu. The process is so easy that it reduce all my time to copy the file in CD and burn that CD again to use it.  Now you can run a whole operating system through your usb drive.  For this purpose you need to make your USB drive bootable. There are different tools available for windows users. Here I am going to show you a quick and most easiest way to boot USB drive using any Linux distrubution

1. Download UNETbootin its  available for Linux, windows and Mac.(You can download it from ubuntu software center if you are using Ubuntu)

2. Install Unetbooting and open it. The below interface will be popup. Choose the distribution that you want to install. I have chosen to install fedora Linux distribution.

UNetbootin for Linux2. Hit ok after you have chosen the operating system that you want to install then the process start in a minute. and Choose the file source


The following screen will be appear after the process start. It will take sometimes to install the operating system in your USB after this you will get the follow screen.


Click on Reboot now. The system will get rebooted. Now you have to install USB drive as your default boot device. For this purpose press F12 and the boot order will be display like in below screen. (please note that the button F12 may be different from different laptop or devices Normally its F12 in most of the ystem. In my laptop F9 is the key for this purpose.

bootable screen

Finall screenshot of the fedora

fedora bootable

Click to enlarge

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