How to upgrade to Ubuntu 11.10 from Ubuntu11.04

Ubuntu 11.10 got released yesterday. You can directly upgrade to Ubuntu 11.10 from 11.04. The procedure is simply with just few mouse click all you need is good Internet connection. Its always a good idea to back up all important files of your system. Follow the below procedure to upgrade Ubuntu to 11.10 from 11.04

1. Launch Update manager


2. First go to, Update Manager and you’ll see:

upgrade ubuntu 11.103. Click Upgrade and again Click Upgrade then it’ll start downloading the release upgrade tool:


4. After this processĀ  you will be asked to start the upgrade. Make sure to close all opening application before proceeding

This process may takes times depending upon your internet connection all the upgrade file will be fetched from the Internet. So I recommended you to have patience. After the process completed the following message will be displayed

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