Update/Install New Google Chrome 17 in Linux

Google Chrome realeased its new stable version 17 yesterday which comes with new and useful features.The main improvement is in the security features. Now, it automatically run the checks on .exe and .msi files. The Omnibox is also reloaded in the new Google Chrome. That means, when you are typing  the URL the chrome automatically start rendering the website so that it will appear instantly as soon as you hit Enter. Basically, there are two notable changes in the Google Chrome 17:

Download scanning protection for .msi and .exe files

Omnibox update(Pre-rendering while typing the URL)

Okay, let’s get the latest Google Chrome for Linux.

Upgrade to Google Chrome 17:


Using Yum:

Go to terminal and type:

sudo yum install google-chrome-stable

google chrome 17 update in Linux

Using apt-get:

sudo apt-get install google-chrome-stable

If you don’t have Google Chrome, you can download the Google Chrome from here and install graphically. Click on Download Google Chrome and choose your version:

latest chrome download for LinuxAfter downloading, open the file using Ubuntu Software Center or Add/Remove Programs and install it. Enjoy the new Google Chrome 17.


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