How to uninstall applications in Windows 7 through command line

The command line in the Windows 7 makes it very easy to uninstall the applications without using the GUI. Although, it seems little hard to remember the command for the very first time, it becomes more and more handy and fast to uninstall applications once you get used to it. You don’t have to open Add or Remove programs all the time to uninstall applications. For this, we have to use WMIC (Windows Instrumentation command-line interface).

To uninstall applications:

1. Type Windows+R and type CMD to open command prompt.



2. Type WMIC and hit enter. Prompt looks like this:


3.  Execute “product get name” to list the installed applications.

list product

4. Execute “product where name=”name of the program” ” call uinstall to uinstall a program.

I want to uninstall windows live messenger which is already installed in my PC. To uinstall Windows Live Messenger I would type:


It will ask for confirmation. I would simply input “Y” and the program is successfully uninstalled simply and quickly.

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