Ultimate digg resources for blogger

Digg is a social networking website that helps people to discover and share content from the internet. Digg has become one of biggest resources for every users to blogger and publisher. Digg is a social networking site which helps people to discovers and share anomalous content on the internet that my be picture, video or the certain page of website. by submitting the links which is know as stories,  where the users of digg can interact with the submitted link by rating it and commenting on it.  But there is a big mystery and confusion for digg beginner how this works let me show you the quick way.

How does digg work?

Every submitted content that may be either webpage, video, picture  has its count which is know as digg. Every time you submitted the content to the digg. You content will be visible in the digg most recent page on the respective category. When you reach the some decent amount of digg then you will be promoted to the homepage where your digg content will be visible by million of users. Seems easy. But it is not! Let me tell you why? if it is easy everyone got thousand of visitors in their website.

Digg is not a place where you sign up and people will welcome you will lots of digg. In every second thousands of link will be submitted on digg from thousands of website. Every general users sign up into the digg to discover some worthily if your content  has nothing special that will attract the eye of the many people then you are failed in digg. Remember there is no any short cut to get success in digg. If you are thinking you are smart enough and apply some short cut method to get more digg by using some wrong way then digg are far more smarter than you. you will get banned from digg within 48 hours.

How to use digg to promote your blog.

Digg is a quick platform for every blogger that helps blogger to achieve remarkable achievement in the promotion of the blog if it can be use effectively. Lets understand it simply.  Digg is simply a news site where the users are looking  for different kind of  news related to different category. If your content or your story has that power that attracts the readers they will digg your articles. With some decent amount of digg. you will be promoted to the homepage. When you will be on homepage your story attract to the eyes of million of users. But its not as easy as I have mentioned you here. digg people don’t welcome you to the digg with decent amount of digg.

Resources for blogger.

Digg widget:

(Update: This service is not available with new digg version 4)

digg  widget for blogger

Digg widget helps to display the latest digg  on your blog by adding digg news. All the update news of your website will be automatically displayed on your website. The users can customized its color, size, all popular stories etc

Digg Button

Digg button helps to encourage your audience to submit their stories to the digg. Bogger can add different size of digg button to their blog.

Digg badges

digg badges encourage to publish badges in the website and blog

Digg labs:

digg labs widget for blogger

Digg lab a real version of digg that helps to live preview of various digg activities. Digg labs helps need flash player and javascript to preview this

Digg search bar

Digg search bar helps to search real time content of the digg. The user can search all the content that is being submitted on the digg. When the search result is display the user can sort the search result by the age of the story,topic, media.

Top Story on digg

Digg homepage helps to display the  current top story. but the digg user can also sort the information from entire week, last month, current month or even the whole year.

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  1. Vishal Sanjay INDIA Google Chrome Windows says:

    Digg is one resource which each and every blogger wants to tap into, but unlike Twitter and StumbleUpon you need to have a hell lot of fans to send your posts viral, I’m trying my best to build a powerful Digg account and onsite exposure plays a crucial role.

  2. ScanSocial INDIA Google Chrome Windows says:

    ScanSocial is another Digg resource. Using ScanSocial you can track the latest diggs,bookmark it & read the hottest articles on web

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