Ubuntu now doesn’t store youtube played video in temp folder

Downloading video from Youtube was not a big deal for Ubuntu user. Every Youtube video used to get stored in temp folder until user don’t close the browser. But if you try the same approach now you won’t get anything in your temp folder. So what makes it happen that Youtube video not stored in temp folder. If you don’t know about the Youtube video on temp folder follow this tutorial. This approach of download youtube video was pretty easily. You can just play the video on Youtube and see the temp folder copy that video into your hard disk and thats it you are done. You can see the video below how the Youtube video get stored in Ubuntu before.

So what make this happen. Even though you are using same version of Ubuntu you can’t do that. This is because of update of flash 10.2. So if you have upgraded your flash player you might be the victim of this problem.  Therefore you can use other methods to download Youtube video from online or off-line mode using application.  Another easiest way to download Youtube video using one word on Youtube itself. Don’t be confused the it will redirect the Youtube  video page to the saveyoutube page. So what you have to do. you can just simply enter the word kiss before the Youtube URL for example for this URL  Youtube.com/watch?v=Uu2CFhsjmQ8& you have to use kissyoutube.com/watch?v=Uu2CFhsjmQ8&. Now it will redirect you to saveyoutube pages. where you can download the video easily please note that you need Java for these purpose which you can download for free.

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5 Responses to Ubuntu now doesn’t store youtube played video in temp folder

  1. hyunjungsoh PHILIPPINES Mozilla Firefox Ubuntu Linux says:

    But why did they remove this feature… T_T
    It was so easy back then. :(

  2. BIGBANG Mozilla Firefox Linux says:

    thx.! but i can not find in Ubuntu 11.04……..where is the file youtube stored?
    thx for advance !

  3. ESTE ELIT15T Google Chrome Ubuntu Linux says:

    search unde /home folder .. like this
    open HOME folder .. then press ctrl+h .. that will open all hidden folders and files .. and then under the “.cahe” folder click on Chromium (for ex. Chromium – you can use ur default brownser or media brownser) and you will have there all that your brownser saves.. greetings from romania .. if any trouble dont hesitate to ask ..

  4. prady4 Google Chrome Windows says:

    this still could be done using lsof | grep flash

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