Ubuntu command to remove old package configuration file

Most of the software package that you install in your Ubuntu has configuration files. The configuration file is used to control the various setting for the particular package. Now lets assume that you have remove the package from your computer now the configuration file will be wrothless. There is no need of configuration file after the removal of software package . If you use apt-get purge command and mark it for “Complete Removal” in synaptic the configuration will remove along with the software package. So if you haven’t used while removing that package you can use the following command to remove configuration file in Linux

Ubuntu package

You can reinstall the package and then purge it from your system. The dpkg command do the same stuff to you in lots of easier way just in a one line command. Use the following command to remove configuration files

dpkg -l | awk '/^rc/{ print $2}' | sudo xargs dpkg --purge

The ‘rc’ resembles a cofiguration file remaining even the package have been removed already.

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