Ubuntu 9.10 supports end on April 30 2011

Ubuntu 9.10

Its been a 18 month ubuntu 9.10 has released, on October 29 2009, Recently update on announcement on security mailing list, the Ubutnu support for 9.10 will be end on April 29 2011. Ubuntu 9.10 user has now to upgrade to Ubuntu 10.4 or Ubuntu 10.10. Ubuntu 10.04 is long term support(LTS) which support will be end on April 2013. However you can’t directly upgrade to Ubuntu 10.10 according to Ubuntu documentation.Therefore if you want to use ubuntu 10.10 you have to follow two upgrade procedure. User have to upgrade to Uubuntu 10.04 and then to Ubuntu 10.10.
There is only choice left to ubuntu 9.10 user to upgrade to another version of Ubuntu. There is not much time left now for the 11.04 Natty release. The beta 1 has already been out. Its not recommended for normal user to use the beta versions because there may be the various bugs likely to been seen. If you want the long term support, Ubuntu 10.04 will be the right choice for you. If you want to see the latest version of Ubuntu, Ubuntu 10.10 may be the right choice for you from which you can easily upgrade to the next upgraded system easily.

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