Ubuntu 10.04 LTS final stable version release

ubuntu 10.04One of the greatest day for linux users the wait is finally over. Ubuntu has release its final stable version of 10.04. Before the final release the alpha version: alpha 1, alpha 2 and alpha 3 has been released After some days of alpha version ubuntu moves one steps ahead to beta version: beta 1 and beta 2 with lots of changes and improvement. After some period of times another version called release candidate has been release with some changes. After the release candidate ubuntu 10.04 is out with final stable version. Like the previous version Ubuntu 10.04 is available in two different edition. netbook edition and server edition.

Here are the few new things that Ubuntu 10.04 has changes and included

Ubuntu 10.04 LTS got new logo

The new dashing logo has been arrived in the ubuntu 10.04.  The new logo has some different look that the previous version logo  and look like this.

ubuntu 10.04 logo

Ubuntu music store has been added

This is extremely new features in 10.04. the users can buy the music while listening. Ubuntu’s new music player has included integrated stores so that users can get facility to buy and download new tracks.

Hundred of free games included.

The various new games has been included in ubuntu that include puzzle adventure, tatical challenge. almost all kind of genre of game that the user can access for free

Facility to edit make play and edit video

The users can easily access video from youtube, iplayer and msn players. The users can also  edit the video by using pritivi.

Social Networking

This is extremely new features in 10.04 With this features the users can access to social networking website like sfacebook and twitter account easily and can get update instantly. Iphone and ipod touch support are also included

Store your file online

Ubuntu users get a free ubuntu one account from which you can store all kind of files online and access it from anywhere.

Download 10.04 version of ubuntu for free

if you don’t have good internet speed order your ubuntu 10.04 cd for free which may takes around (4-5 weeks) for arrival.

(Note:- please don’t order cd if you have good internet speed and CD room because others may need it you can download it for free)

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