How to turn your PC into a Wi-fi spot in Windows 7

Virtual router managerYou can turn your LAN connected PC laptop to a wireless access point in Windows 7. By which, you can connect your iphone, android phones, tablet pc and laptops to the internet by connecting to the wifi point of your laptop. If you don’t have a wireless router, you can easily connect your portable and non-portable devices to the internet without any pain. A software called Virtual Router is need to do this which is available to download for free.

After you download the Virtual Router double click the setup file and install it.

Virtual Router

After virtual router is installed, open it up. Then assign the SSID name. SSID name is the name of the wireless network connection, type the password and click on Start Virtual Router.

startwifiYour PC is wifi spot now. Other devices will see your PC or wifi spot as SSID which I named as:




Devices can now be connected to the wifi spot(your PC) and enjoy the internet.

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