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beginner blogging

For curiosity or for fun or a bit overwhelmed by the online money making business, blogging has become most attractive  and effective way to share ideas and making money online. If you are just starting out your will be probably  in dilemma where to start up. You might have 1000 question in your minds

  • What is blog?
  • Where can I create my own blog?
  • Is blog and website same?
  • Is blog a website? Does it has limited features?
  • What is domain name?
  • Do I need domain to start your own blog
  • What should i put in my own blog?
  • How do i make money from my blog?

There will be other 100′s of question. The main focus is how to start your own blog?

Step first guide to start your own blog?

You can set up blog for free with the least computer knowledge. Neither you need to learn coding nor you should have ability to understand the HTML tags. First of all you should understand where should you set up you blog. As I have discussed there are numerous blogger platform available which one should you choose? and what is the differences between these platform? Don’t be panic your will find all the answer of your question. Lets move to various blog platform

Blogger:- Blogger is a free service provide by Google where the registered blog are hosted by google under a sub domain It means whenever you create a blog. your blog name will be on For example I want to create a blog  learningblogging. Then my blog address will be  Please note that you can also use custom domain for your blog which will cost about $10 a year. Custom domain is the unique identification to your blog. Therefore your blog will be

Video to create blog in blogger – beginners guide Under the your blog will be hosted by It means like blogger your blog  will be in wordpress web server. Your blog will be on subdomain For example I want to create a blog learningblog. Then the complete URL of my blog will be WordPress offer CSS editing and custom domains only to the paid members. Therefore its almost impossible to monotorize your blog under because it doesn’t support javascript. Therefore you will be unable to put the ad like adsense, adbride, bidvertiser beacuse all of this is operated with javascript code. So you have only one choice Either you have to invest some money before getting started or your should just take blogging as interest or fun

WordPress self hosted blog:

WordPress self hosted, the names describes that your blog will be hosted by you in the web server. WordPress is a blogging script which your can download for free. For using own self hosted blog your need to have webhost. That means your blog is  not hosted on wordpress server. Now your are hosting your blog in your own server which you  can have buy in certain amount of money. After buying the webhost your can simply upload the wordpress script via FTP and your blog will be start in a minute. Please Note:- Nowadays most of the hosting provide faciliates the user which one lick wordpress installation. You can enjoy wordpress self hosted blog. you can also create a wordpress self hosted blog for free. But i don’t recommended it you if u want to have high ambition on blogging. it may be useful for those who are unaware about the wordpress environment and want to learn it

Note:- There are numerous other blog platform like typepad and many others but I recommended you to use either blogger or wordpress depending upon your condion

What should you choose?

I have mentioned the different blog platform so what is best suitable for your and which one is useful for your need. First of be specific why you blog? if you blog just for personnel interest and you don’t care about the money blogging. you can simply choose any of the platform that i have listed above.  But if you want to monotorize your blog and want to generate some revenue from your blog then there is a big question? It is really hard to say. Both blogger and wordpress self hosted blog are awesome. But please note with you can generate revenue for your website through advertisement.  For wordpress self hosted blog you must have webspace which you can buy at resaonable price.  your can also create free self hosted wordpress blog but i don’t recommended to the user who want to be serious at blogging. it might be useful for just learning purpose . If you don’t want to invest anything at initial stage go for Write some post and start promoting your blog. if you want to move 2nd step you can also buy domain for your blog and please note you can also migrate your blogger blog to wordpress self hosted blog. So there is no any worries. If you want to wordpress self hosted blog and you don’t have concept of domain name and webhosting you can have the basic concept about domain name and hosting here

Differences between blog and website

Its really hard to make a differences between blog and website because blog is nothing more but is a kind of website that is being enhanced by CMS(content management system) in which the blog is organised by the series of post. Each post is defined into certain category and tag. Whenever the blog is updated the most recent post of the blog will be at the top of the pages. Every blog has rss or any other kind of feed. You don’t have to be  perfect in coding if you are going for a blog whereas for website you need to focus and coding  as well as designing and many other stuff. Blogging has become so much versatile. Now you can almost do everything in the blog that you can do in website. you can embed video or audio or photo gallaries in your blog.

What should I choose blog or website?
First of all note that to build a website a single person effort is not enough. various things have to be focus  including designing and coding. Therefore if your content is only some articles video, photo then you can go for a blog. if you want to build certain application, forum, video library where the user came and interact with each other then go for a website. You must have the concept of hosting and domain name before starting website or self hosted blog

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