Get 1 TB Speedy mirror CDN for $4.95(promo)

Update: The promo period has already expired. 

CDN has tremendous benefit for webmasters. CDN will improves the blog performances decrease the server load and optimize your website in terms of speed, search engine ranking etc.  CDN is useful for those user who wants to speed up their blog and website. There are various CDN provider. Unlike webhosting CDN works in different way. CDN simply refers as content delivery network or content distribution network is a system where all your files will be in different nodes of networks. Therefore the user can get the files from the nearest node of where they are surfing.

Most of the CDN providers provide the fixed bandwidth for the certain range of price. For example you can buy 1 TB with certain price. When you have finish using 1 TB you have to pay few amount for addition GB or buy different package like 5TB, 10TB. Normally CDN provider like maxcdn charge around $35-$40 per TB. You can always use speedy mirror free for 50GB bandwidth. If you need additional package this is the right time to buy it. You can now get speedy mirror 1TB service just for $4.95(regular price is $34.95 for 1 TB). It’s the most cheapest price available in the market right now. I used speedy mirror for around 2 month and I was very happy with their service. This special promo also reduces the price for high usage user.  Here is the new price for different packages.


This is just the promo by speedy. So hurry up and get speedy mirror now.

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