How to solve or fix wine problem in ubuntu 10.10

If you are not the user of ubuntu 10.10 you may skip this post. This problem is likely to be seen in ubuntu 10.10.

fix wine problem ubuntu10.10If you have upgrade to ubuntu 10.10, you must find the problem with the wine. When you try to install the executive file(.exe file) you will find the certain errors that doesn’t let you to install the exe file in ubuntu. When I look throught the problem i certainly discovered that the problem occur due to the version of wine you are using. When you install the fresh copy of ubuntu 10.10 and download wine and install it, the wine version 1.2.3 will be installed which doesn’t integrate with ubuntu 10.04. The quick solution for this problem is to upgrade the wine the latest version of wine 1.3.7 which is in beta. Below is the screen show of problem that is occur in 10.10

Wine_ubuntu problem

Click to enlarge

To upgrade wine follow the below process

Step1: Add wine ppa

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-wine/ppa

Step2: Update apt

sudo apt-get update

Step3:  Install wine 1.3

sudo apt-get install wine1.3

Result After upgrading wine

wine ubuntu10.10

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6 Responses to How to solve or fix wine problem in ubuntu 10.10

  1. ashwin INDIA Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    yaa recently we had this problem at our college lab. then the admin fixed it. so this is the solution for it.

  2. Dheeraj INDIA Mozilla Firefox Ubuntu Linux says:

    i have Ubuntu 10.04 but i am not able to install exe file what can i do

  3. Jason NEW ZEALAND Internet Explorer Windows says:

    Thanks for the info, realy appriciate it. ill post back a comment when i get around to it. Thanks again.

  4. excellent help
    ma God bless u and ur family

  5. pradyumna INDIA Google Chrome Linux says:

    that doesn’t install wine 1.3.7 (it is still a beta release wtht binary packge). It will install wine 1.3.29 or 1.3.3

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