Smart way to promote your blog by commenting on other blog

One of the best way to increase blog traffic- comments on other blogs so that people can easily access to your blog.Do quality comment on other blogs and put your link, which is the best way to promote your blog. But before commenting please read the post or get the idea about the post otherwise you can miss the entire point. So, do not rush while commenting. Some new blogger can think that, Why should I comment on other blogs, it’s so worthless. You’re wrong. You can surely increase your traffic by commenting on other blogs only if your comment is smart and noticeable.

If your blog is about technology, comment on blogs related to technology only and if your blog is about weight loss, comment on the blogs related to weight loss. People are reading your comments because they are certainly interested on the topics covered by the blog. If those people are regular readers of those blogs, they can also be the regular reader of your blog. So, don’t waste your time, by leaving the URL on the blogs that has nothing to do with yours. Basic human nature, we all are curious so this will encourage people to click your blog and if your content is attractive and good they will be active readers of your blog. Here I have those facts in points:

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a) Leave strong, noticeable and beautiful comments

First, read the post carefully and then comment so that you can tell the exact point. Give some examples about how they are working. If your post is related to the content of the blog don’t forget to mention about it

b) Comment frequently on someone’s blog

If you comment on someone’s blog frequently then regular readers of that blog and even the owner will definitely notice you and can check out your blog.

c) Place a link of your blog

Create a link back to your blog so that the readers can land to your blog when they read the comments. This is a mandatory thing when you comment. So, don’t forget to create a link back to your blog.

d) Comment as your blog name

Commenting as your blog’s name really help people to remember the name of your blog which will surely help to increase traffic and popularity of your blog.

e) Be the first to comment

First one is always noticeable. As simple as that! Everyone will read your comment and it also shows the dedications and commitment.

Final thoughts

These are the points  you  should apply while commenting. Content..Content…content is the most important thing but also if you have good content first people should know about your blog. So, the most worthy promotion of your blog is commenting on others blog! But do beautiful comments so that everyone can notice you.

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  2. Anup NEPAL Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Thanks for the tips man :) I’m your fan on facebook.

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