Skype group video calling now only available for business users

If you are unware about the skype version 5.0 the group video calling service is free for all mac users. The services wasn’t released for windows users as skype promise to improve in video and some UI tweaks on MC. But This features is going to be shed out from the version 5.1 as it is out of beta version. Skype recently added this features for business user which have to pay certain amount of money to enjoy this features. However the users can experience 7 day free trial period for group video call function in their skype. This information is currently available only on the business page of skype.

You can see the video of skype group video calling when it is available for free and was release only on MAC.

Now for the video calling experience users have to spend some amount of money. when using the Business version of Skype, you can video call with three or more people (maximum up to 10), which is very useful for collaboration between widely dispersed workgroups, employees or offices. For a charge of $8.99/month.  33 percent discount available to anyone signing up for 3 or 12 month subscriptions over the next 30 days. However 2 ways video is free. Below is the introduction of group video calling in 5.1

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  1. Thanks for tutorial , a litle bit expensive

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