How to setup free CDN Speedymirror for wordpress blog

CDN will improves the blog performances decrease the server load and optimize your website in terms of speed, search engine ranking etc. Previously I have given the best way to configure and setup wordpress blog forMaxcdn. But for those people who can’t afford to buy CDN, Speedymirror might be the right choice for you. Don’t be confused over here and don’t think like it will be same like free Webhosting. I have tried speedymirror over a month before shifting to Maxcdn and trust me the result of both are quite same. Speedymirror offers you free 50 GB bandwidth which may be sufficient for years if your traffic is quite low. Remember that CDN traffic will not be like webhosting. Therefore its not the montly bandwidth that you are getting. Beside that you can also buy the certain amount of bandwidth after your free 50 GB is over. The best things is that you don’t need any credit or debit card for free and its just two step process which is so easily like installing the wordpress from fanstastico using single click. We are configuring the speedymirror using mirror means when 50 GB is over you can simply stop using speedymirror and its not going to affect your website. Therefore there are tremendous benefit of speedy mirror. Before getting started make sure to create account on Speedymiror first and install w3total cache plugin if you don’t have one.

Step1: Configuring Speedy

1. Log in into your account, Click on mirror and add new mirror.

speedymirror2. After this process you will see the form with certain field. Enter the name of first field that could be anything your blog name, your name In second field enter your domain name and click on detect and save.

configure speedymirror

After this process you will be provided with the link like If you want to brand this and use your own subdomain for cdn then you have to create CNAME record if you don’t want this go to step 3 directly.

Step2: Create CNAME record

1. You have to create CNAME record by logging into your cpanel.  Go to your domain section then click on simple dns editor. (Note: All the hosting provider doesn’t provide to add CNAME record. In such case Please write email to your hosting provide to add CNAME which they do it by themselves.

max cdn2. Add CNAME record including following field

Name: Give the Custom CDN domain that you have given while creating pull zone.

CNAME: The original URL of your CDN network.


Step 3: Configure W3 total Cache plugin for CDN

1.  Go to general setting of w3 total cache plugin. Scroll down and search for content delivery network  enable the CDN and choose CDN type as mirror

max cdn2. Now go to CDN from w3total cache plugin on configuration section give your Custom cdn domain name test mirror to see whether its working or not and save it. (Please note that if you have just create CNAME record it may takes sometimes to take effect so be patient),

max cdn wordpress

Note: If you haven’t create CNAME record Replace hostname with the URL thats given after creating mirror in speedy mirrro like

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  1. vishnu INDIA Google Chrome Windows says:

    None of the images is showing up!

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  3. Evert Google Chrome Windows says:

    What made you switch from Speedy Mirror to MaxCDN?

    • saugat Google Chrome Windows says:

      The reason is just the service. Max CDN is trusted by various webmaster and it also provides good support. Beside it I found it wroth reading about its review. Both speedymirror and Max CDN are awesome But when it comes to choice I go with Max CDN.

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  5. Tushar INDIA Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    we can also use Dropbox as free CDN for our website.

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