How to set up android development Environment in Fedora with Eclipse

SDK for LinuxAndroid was first founded in 2003 and after 9 years now it powers millions of phones, tablets and other devices. Android is the fastest emerged and powerful mobile operating system. Android Inc. is acquired by Google in 2005. Android operating system is based on Linux kernel and fully open source. If you own a android phone have a look at, install third party application on Android phone. In this tutorial, I am going to show you show to get started for developing Android apps in your Linux system. Here’s a step by step guide to set up Android development in Fedora or any other Linux system. if you have install eclipse yet learn to install eclipse in Fedora

Install SDK:

SDK is a software development kit that enables developers to create an Android applications. So, first download the Android SDK for a Linux system. Extract SDK in home directory as a root user:

tar -xvzf android-sdk_r18-linux.tgz
Set up the path:

Open .bash_profile using your favourite text editor. I will use vim

vim .bash_profile

Paste the following command at the end of line to set up the path:

export PATH=${PATH}:/android-sdk-linux/tools

setting up the path of sdk

Configure Eclipse:

First, let us install the Eclipse in Fedora. Here’s a step by step tutorial on how to install Eclipse in Fedora.

 Install Android Plugin (ADT):

After successfully installing Eclipse let us install the Android Plugin in Eclipse. Go to Help > Install New software and Paste the following in location and click Add:

The ADT plugin is not signed so you might get a prompt, click on Install All. Now, Restart the Eclipse. If you see some kind of dialogue box appearing after restart, close it.

Go to Menu > Preferences.

Enter the following into the location field and click Apply.

Update Android Plugin:

After successfully installing ADT(Android) plugin go to Help> Check for updates and Install the updates or you might get the dialog box like below after finishing installing.

update SDK

Click on Install Packages to update the Android Plugin.

Use Eclipse to create Android applications:

Go to New > Project .

Select Android Project and Next.

select android project

Name your project and get started with developing Android apps in Linux.

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