Use webcam for high resolution screencasting in ubuntu

There are different application in Ubuntu for webcam recording like the cheese. Even though the cheese is great application I don’t find it quite suitable for other different purpose. Recently I am using GUVC viewers and I found it quite handy tools than cheese. Of course cheese has lots of features and is wonderful application. But when it comes to screen-casting GUVC views wins the race You might be wondering about the reason. I use both application and try to compare each other function GUVC views wins in different way. not only in terms of quality but also in terms of different functions.

So you might be wondering how screencasting is possible from webcam with such low resolution and without wide screen format. MoreoverĀ  the futile screen casting may be theĀ  another things to get worried. GUVC views has lots of different option to makes your screen casting better.

GNUvc viwers

GUVC views let you to choose different video codec for compression of your video. Different popular codec like MPEG, WMV are also included in the GUVC views. Secondly you can choose the video format that you want to record your video. Currently the user can record video in MKV and AVI format. Beside this GUVC views also supports wide video format 640×380 However user can choose other lower resolution format. Other different audio setting is also available. Beside it, You can adjust the brightness and contrast of the video which lots of other different functions.You can install GUVC views from Ubuntu software centre.

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