How to run PlayStation2 game on Linux and Windows

psp in windowsRunning diferent software with the helps of application is most common these days. Thanks to all the developer that makes this happen. Here is another cool things for all gamers that they can simply run playstation game on windows xp, vista or windows 7. You can simply do it with the help of appliation with certain configuration on it. Here are the full step to run playstation game on windows machine.

Required Application

You need PCsX for this purpose. PCSX2 attempts to allow PS2 code to be excuted in your computer. Thus you can simply install DVD of PS2 into the computer drive and boot it up. The project is open source thus you don’t have to invest any money for this purpose. You can simply download and install it and need to properly configure in order run games successfully.

Installation For windows Users

PCSX2 is available in 3 flavors, web installer, binary and full installer. I recommed you to download full installer and run the installer. After the installation you get the following kind of folder in given screenshot.
PCX2 On windows

For linux user

Download binary from here you compile the binary. if you don’t know the process see the compiling guide for linux.

You can find the full documentation about install and configuring PCSX2 here

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