How to run pidgin from terminal in Ubuntu

Have ever wondering of using pidgin famous Instant messaging client for Linux from terminal. Terminal is very handy tools which helps to do lots of crazy things. If you are new to Linux terminal you can check out the basic 8 command to start with terminal. Using pidgin from terminal is not that much complicated. You don’t have to write a program for it. The simple application named finch do all these stuff for you. You just need to install an application called finch in Ubuntu. And it will handle all these stuff.

To install finch into Ubuntu run the following command in terminal.

sudo apt-get install finch

After the installation of finch you have to run finch from terminal.


pidgin terminal

After running the finch you might need to know few shortcut to operate it effectively from the terminal. Therefore here are the shortcut command for finch.

Alt + aBring up a list of available actions. You can use this list to access the accounts window, plugins window, preference window etc.
Alt + nGo to the next window.
Alt + pGo to the previous window.
Alt + wShow the list of windows. You can select and jump to any window from the list.
Alt + cClose the current window.
Alt + qQuit.
Alt + mStart moving a window. Press the cursor keys to move the window. When you are done, press Enter or Escape.
Alt + rStart resizing a window. Press the cursor keys to resize the window. When you are done, press Enter or Escape.
Alt + dDump the contents of the screen in HTML format in a file named “dump.html” in working directory.
Alt + .Move the position of the current window in the window list one place to the right.
Alt + ,Move the position of the current window in the window list one place to the left.
Alt + lRefresh the windows. This is useful after resizing the terminal window.
Alt + 1 2 … 0Jump to the 1st, 2nd … 10th window.
Ctrl + oBring up the menu (if there is one) for a window. Note that currently only the buddylist has a menu.
Alt + /Show a list of available key-bindings for the current widget in focus.
Alt + >Switch to the next workspace
Alt + <Switch to the previous workspace
Alt + tTag (or untag) the current window
Alt + TAttached all the tag windows to the current workspace
Alt + sShow the workspace list
F9Create a new workspace and switch to it


Note: You can also see this shortcut using the following command in terminal

man finch
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