How to remove old kernel and unused package from Ubuntu

Old kernel, unused packages, package configs are not necessary useful for your system. Even though you install new kernel in Ubuntu or any Linux distribution, older kernel always remains in the system. Older kernel are located in /boot folder and occupy huge space, It tends to enlarge the Grub menu. Sometimes packages are installed as a dependency of another packages, Suppose you install one application in Ubuntu. All dependency might be install in your system with the application’s package. When you uninstall the application, Ubuntu package manager might not cleans up everything.

Most of the user ignore about it. There are lots of way to do it. If you are smart enough, you can use few lines of commands to do it. I am not sharing any handy commands to perform these task in this post. You can do it with an application called Ubuntu Tweaks in simple easy way with fancy GUI.

Reason to remove old kernel and unused packages.

Old kernel files have lot of drawback. If you are seeing your boot menu mess up with lot of different option, then its time to clean unused kernel.There are lots of way you can do it. Using synaptic or running shell scripting(if you are familiar with one). On the other hand, packages may also become unused over time. If a packages was install to support another package and you uninstall the package,  you will never need the supporting packages. Its always a wise decision to remove your dependency packages.

Step to Remove old kernel and Unused pakcage in Ubuntu

1. Install ubuntu tweaks if you don’t have one.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:tualatrix/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install ubuntu-tweak

Ubuntu tweaks a a simple application that offers fancy GUI to cofnigure your ubuntu system.

2. Run Ubuntu tweak. Go to Janitor, on the left side you will see system, where you can easily find a check box option to remove you old kernel, package configs, unneeded packages.

3. Choose the stuff that you want to clean. Ubuntu tweaks will list down everything from the category you have choosen

ubuntu tweaks

4. click on clean at right hand side which will complete rest of the process

Final conclusion
Periodic clean up is required to optimized the performance your system. This process takes just few minute to complete therefore I advise everyone to do it certain gap of time. Cleaning up old kernel and unused packages not only increase the space of your system but also increase the performance of the system.

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