Razor-qt new desktop environment for Linux

Ubuntu has choose to implement Unity as its default desktop and netbook interface instead of classic GNOME since Ubuntu 11.04 Many users are obssesed with unity. Linux users have lot of flexibility. There are still lots of desktop environment you can choose you can always change to KDE, XFCE, Windowmaker, Openbox, LXDE, Enlightenment. Rozor-qt is new desktop environment in the list.

Razor-qt is advance, easy-to-use and fast develop environment based on QT technologies. I have just installed and tested it in Ubuntu 11.10 and the test went quite positive.The light weight, impressive look, easy customization and most of all working standard with old machine are some reason to try Razor.

Installation Guide.

Razor is available for wide amount of Linux distribution. Ubuntu user can install it with the following ppa

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:razor-qt
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install razorqt

For Other Linux distribution check the installation guide here

Razor Interface

Razor Qt welcome you with a decent look with a lot of common interface like KDE.It KDE is installed in your system it will user the current KDE theme However there is no any KDE dependencies. The source code size is just 5.8 MB and is most useful and recommended for old machines.

The user see the following screen after they login.(I have remove clock plugin and change wallpaper).The panel at botton of the screen  contain dkestop switch application menu on the tray. The time information at left side of the panel provides easy navigation. The panel can be easily switch to top and bottom by right clicking the panel and click on “Show the panel at”


Application Menu provide easy access to the application that is install in your system.The menu is quite similiar to windows xp classic menu.


The different plugin can be added by right click on the panel>>Addplugin and a dialogue box will pop up showing several plugin. User can search the plugin, simply select it and add in their machine.


PluginRazor -qt settings

Razor settings is divided into two portion Razor Desktop configuration and Razor session Configuration.


Razor desktop configuration provides easy to use interface to change certain  aspect of your desktop. Razor session configuration help user to arrange several basic setting, default application setting, auto start application setting. The modules can be enable and disable with just click.

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