Easiest way to download youtube video in Ubuntu play and save it

You may watch the youtube videos a lot. You might also want to save it by using various download managers or using the websites. Now on, if you are the user of Linux Ubuntu you don’t need to have the youtube downloaders or go to the other websites to download the youtube videos. Here’s a little trick by which you can save the played youtube videos that is being played on youtube.

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First, go to the youtube and play the video. Here, I am playing the song All of my Love by Led Zepplin.


The videos being played in store in the FileSystem>tmp of your Ubuntu as:

youtube video in ubuntu
Go to the temp, copy and paste it in your hard disk. You can also play the videos from there. But the file in temp will automatically be removed after your closing the youtube because it only holds the data till you are using the youtube.  Simple as that.

Video Tutorial

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  2. ranjeet Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    i m happy

  3. dc2 Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    there is an alternative online tool: http://www.tubekeeper.com/
    just copy and paste Youtube URL there and click download button will do…..

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