How to open the websites using the Linux terminal

You can open the website in the terminal itself or you can open the website in your default web browser in Linux. It can save you a lot of time. I personally prefer opening the websites using the Linux terminal in the default web browser if I know the whole URL. Opening the terminal, typing the command and BOOM!! Let’s get started to open the websites using the Linux terminal and in the terminal itself.

Opening in the default browser:

Open the terminal and type:

gnome-open website URL

If I want to open google, I would type:

opening website from terminalMy default web browser is Mozilla Firefox so it will open Google in Mozilla Firefox.

Opening website inĀ  the terminal itself:

Previously, we open the website from our browser using the terminal. What if we want to open the website in the terminal itself. First, we need to install links. To install links go to the terminal and type:

sudo apt-get install links

Now, after the package installed, I am attempting to open freshtutorial in the terminal itself. Go to terminal and type:


It will take a time and here it is:

website in the linux terminal

Try opening your favourite websites in Linux terminal.

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4 Responses to How to open the websites using the Linux terminal

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  2. kunal INDIA Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    every time…i get the unable to pakage…command itself…what to do for it…how to enable the sudo pakage…

    • sachit Mozilla Firefox Linux says:

      Hello Kunal,
      sudo is not a package. what sudo does is, it makes you a superuser and lets you do the things that superuser can do. Regarding your question, type the name of the package carefully. I recommend you to copy the command from our tutorial, paste into your terminal and hit Enter.

  3. pony INDIA Google Chrome Ubuntu Linux says:

    How to use facebook from linux terminal:

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