Nightingale music player 1.11.0 released

Nightingale is a free, open-source based music player with a beautiful interface available for Linux, PC and MAC. Nightingale is based on source code of the SongBird Media player. After SongBird decided to drop the official support and stop producing the SongBird some members of the SongBird community diverged and created this wonderful music music player named Nightingale. The Nightingale version 1.11.0 was released on March 5,  There are also various add-ons and multiple languages choices are available and also for Nightingale which make it even more broader.

This is first officially released version of Nightingale music player which have various new improvements and new features than previous unofficial versions and the SongBird music player itself.

nightingale music player

What’s new?

  • Based off of the latest Songbird changes, providing better performance
  • Uses the more recent Gecko 1.9.2
  • Play Queue functionality is now implemented
  • The feather has been refreshed by GeekShadow, as designed by Manko10
  • Update functionality – get future releases automatically
  • Build system improvements
  • Various other bugfixes – see the git logs for a complete list

New features and improvements

  • Fixed interface issues
  • Several fixes on the default feather
  • Performance improvements
  • Faster search
  • Now Playing list
  • Now based on XULRunner
  • Fix Credits page (Typo and Songbird Credits)
  • Better icon on Windows (better resolution)
  • Build script updated
  • Implemented update-checker and update mechanism


Download Nightingale for Linux, Windows and MAC.

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