Make money online from blogging-Beginners guide

Make money from blogging

Now, you are going to discover a success working from your own home sitting on your own lovely room. Yes, it is blogging. Your home made business! You’re the owner. You’re the boss. There is no loss. 100% profit! To start you need to own a blog which is absolutely free. You need to give your blog a title which is the most important thing. What you are going to blog about?  Some blogs may be about technologies, celebrities, about the weight loss tips, categories of foods etc. Topic can be any. Do choose the topic in which you are passionate so that you can share your ideas in much more dashing way. Now, when you create the blog about the particular topic you are going to write the posts about the topic several times a week. You can easily create your free blog by going to

Make money online

For this, all you need is a Gmail account. Then, you can easily start blogging by creating your own blog. Whoa! You have your own business now. Now, you have the business. Obviously, as well all know, business needs physical products, various machineries which will help a businessman to operate his business. For blogging, posts are the most important aspect. You should write the posts in your blogs so that people get entered into your blog and read the posts. After all thing being set up, you need to monetize your blog. There are plenty of ways to do it easily. Google Adsense is probably the most well known method, you can join the program for free and display the ads in your blog. Besides, adsense there are also various such as: AdBrite, Bidvertiser, Infolinks, Clicksor etc. You can join all these programs for free. Still, on some of your mind things might be rolling, now what? Do I earn or something like that? Let me put it this way. When you join the program like Google Adsense ads are displayed on your blog. When the visitors of your blog click on that ad, advertisers will pay to the Google Adsense and Google Adsense will pay back certain revenu to us. It is not that much complicated as it sounds. It’s so clear way. Let me show you all a Google add.

This is a add of a Google Adsense. Here,  we can see, Ads by Google which tells us that this is a add of Google.

If you want to take a blogging thing into the next level, you will have to buy a domain which will cost you a little. Then, you can blog through wordpress. Now, you can also get the various good bunch of themes and layouts which make your blog more pretty. When you will have your domain name which is, searchengines will treat you in the best way which I mean it’s very easy for your blog to be at a first page of search engines if you have a good content. We don’t have the freedom in blogger, so that we cannot merge our business. Seriously, if you want to post daily and build up a large amount of content, go to wordpress. There are tons of plugins so that you can customize your blog pretty much anyway you want. If you are a beginner start up a blog with and when you grab a much more informations and knowledges, don’t stick to blogger shift yourself to wordpress. Get your own domain name and host then start blogging from wordpress platform. if you don’t know about wordpress you can also get self hosted wordpress blog for free

Don’t make a mistake again its not as easy as you are thinking.

Blogging is not that easy and it is not a joke. If you really want to be successful blogger and make money through blogging all you need is dedication, focus and patience. You should be patience, keep on writing the articles and the day will definitely come when you will also start making money from blogging. Blogging also needs some kind of creativity and writing skills. Dedication and Determination is the most important thing. You will surely be a successful blogger if you keep all these things in mind.

Now, why you are sitting just watching this post? Start blogging. Own you own business. Start making money. Best of luck!

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  2. I’ve used that stuff at Sues Diary myself. I tried the colon cleanse and had great results.

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