Linux command for displaying system information

Linux terminal is a very handy tools that helps to do every possible things that you do under Graphical user interface. Learning terminal command is not easy like graphical user interface. You need to remember a lots of things. Previously We have just started the Ubuntu basic terminal tutorial that includes various simple task. This is probably the 2nd Tutorial about Ubuntu terminal command. Please note for this tutorial I am using Ubuntu 11.04. However you can try it in any Linux distribution. In this tutorial you will discover the different command that helps to know the system information example CPU parameters, memory parameters etc.


To know information of your Linux Kernel

uname -r

To know the information about your kernel along with GCC Complier

cat /proc/version

To display memory parameters

cat /proc/meminfo

To display CPU parameters

cat /proc/cpuinfo

Note: Expect to display the information about Linux kernal all other information will be display with cat (concatenate) command. This will print the information of your command that you will entered to your Screen.

Different use of wget command

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  1. surya Mozilla Linux says:

    I need to install ubuntu under windows. Please, send me a ubuntu Operating System CD or DVD through post.

  2. maqish NETHERLANDS Internet Explorer Windows says:

    why dont you go to the ubuntusite and download a version there… and good luck

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  4. i think u missed the daddy…. dmidecode

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