How to use Landscape in Ubuntu to manage Ubuntu infranstructure

Ubuntu has integrated Landscape system mamagenemnt tool with Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. Landscape is a web interface where you can monitor manage and update your entire Ubntu infrastructure from single interface. Moreover, you can also access and manage Amazon EC2 and UEC clouds from single interface.  Landscape Management service is designed for server to reduce management and administration cost by monitoring and managing  different nodes from single interface. However, Landscape offer free trial service where you can add 5 machines and monitor and manage them using single interface.

More Infromation about Landscape(Official Video)

Register and Access Landscape.

You can register your account for landscape and put the same account information in Landscape Management service: desktop client. You can access  landscape in Ubuntu 12.04 Lts in System setting -> System ->Management Services. There are two different options to use landscape: landscape-hosted by canonical and landscape hosted on dedicated server. Customers can choose to run the Landscape systems management service onsite rather than as the hosted service. You can see documentation here to deploy landscape in dedicated server

landscape ubuntu

After providing the account information on desktop client of Landscape you will see the alert message in the web interface stating one pending computer needs authorization. You can click on the notification and add your computer with relevant tag. Relevant tag is recommended to simplify your task in different way.

landscape add new computer

Alert can be easily set up with simple interface.  User will be notified to the alert that have been subscribed by the user. You can always subscribe and Unsubscribe to particular alert.

Alerts ubuntu 12.04 landscape

After computer has been added to the list, you will be notified with different alert. The alert will display as a whole from all the different computers added to the Landscape.

Upgrading package is easy. You will be automatically notified when new package is available. Click on the notification, select the package that you want to upgrade. Additionally you can also schedule your upgrade process.

upgrade package landscape


Landscape ubuntu 12.04



upgrade landscape ubuntu


The monitoring option shows the custom graph for monitoring selected computer on the basis of category. You can also download CSV report for the selected computer. The graph is display seperately for different categories. Graph can be analyzed on the different period one day,  three days, One week, four weeks. Custom graph can be created by user.

monitor using landscapeAdditional Stuff.

You can find hardware information. See the processes including process start VM size, percentage of CPU usage, process ID. You can run script, save it or schedule the run of the script.

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