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Before starting freshtutorial I was in dilemma where to start from. Obviously web hosting plays an important role in the success of blog or website.  With the certain confusion i start my blog with just host and till now I am proud to say that my blog is hosted on justhost. Justhost is among those webhosting who provide the best webhosting solution in the affordable price. Just host offers unlimited GB of storage, Unlimited bandwidth, Unlimited domain hosting, Unlimited email accountswordpress one click installation. With the features of the justhost like unlimited bandwidth and unlimited storage plan your blogging towards success will be a step nearer.

Here are the few reason why I support and recommended just host for hosting blog.

1. Excellent customer support

Just has got the excellent 24/7 customer support. Whenever you got a problem you don’t have to go to knock your friends door for asking help neither you have google your problem. Justhost support will be there for your whenever you feel the problem. I haven’t realised any downtime issue till now. But when i buy webhosting i got little problem with the control panel. Justhost supports me in the best possible way and within some minutes my problem got solved

2. Unlimited storage, bandwidth, email accounts and domain hosting.

This is extremely important for every blogger. Storage  space play a vital role for your blog because every blogger use image video extensively in their blog. Therefore if you blog has limited space you have to host your image and video somewhere else like flickr picassa etc which will slow down the load of your website.  The speed of  your website will also increase if you host your files in your own hosting accounts.

Every blogger start the blog to achieve something. Within certain month the traffic  of the blog will start increasing. Therefore justhost gives you the unlimited bandwidth Therefore you don’t have to worry about the bandwidth consume by our website or blog.   bandwidth is extremely important if your blog reach in the front page of digg or stumble upon.

Behind this justhost also offers unlimited email account. i.e email@yourdomain.com. and unlimited domain hosting. you don’t have to buy other hosting account to host your another domain. you can host any domain under your one hosting account.

3. Free domain registration

With the webhosting account domain name is also important for your website. justhost gives your free domain name with your hosting account. Therefore you don’t have to pay extra money for the domain name.

4. Automatic wordpress installation.

WordPress can be install in justhost will just a single click. you don’t have to use any FTP client to upload wordpress to use it. Therefore it is highly recommended of the use who are searching for wordpress webhosting.

5. One click installation support

Justhost not only support one click installation for wordpress user.  it also supports joomla, durpal, forum, Image gallery etc. There are about 20 free resources that supports one click installation in justhost.

Final conclusion

if you want to start your own blog or website and thinking for webhosting company justhost might be good choice for you.  you can look for the 50% justhost discount coupon for the discount. if you are ready and want to experience the new hosting environment with just host sign up here

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