Integrate facebook fan page with google analytics

Google analytics a great resources for webmaster to know the detail of traffic of the website. Since i have discussed the importance of facebook fan page to promote your blog or website and the method to create a facebook fan page and pimp it with different application. Well you have create a fan page but you might wonder what going inside your facebook fan page, how many people visited your facebook fanpage and which status or content is popular inside your facebook fanpage. In such circumstances you can simply add google analytics code to your facebook fanpage. Webdigi makes it lot more easier with the application that helps to generate google analytics code for facebook.

1. Create to the google analytics if you don’t have one.

2. if you already had google analytics account go to add new profile

3. After the website is added the tracking code will display in the screen. the tracking code look like this UA-3123123-2

Note: you may ask for domain ownership you don’t need to do that.

4. Now go to FBGAT and generate the custom image for your facebook fan page. we have to do this because facebook fan page doesn’t support javascript and webdigi make it possible with the help of application.

Few things you need to understand.

Analytics: In analytics code you need to put the code that you have generate throught google analytics

Domain on Analytics: In the domain on analytics you need to put the domain of the account that you have create analytics code like
Page link: This is to let you track the page on Google Analytics. What would you like to call your page so that you’ll recognize it in Analytics
Page title: you can give any page title you like this is just for the reference purpose

Note: Generate the seperate code you want to track with the help of above application.

5. After the process complete click on generate code.

Final step

Place the above generate code in the facebook with the helps of static FBML application. After this process you setup for google analytic for facebook will be completed and will be activated around 24 hours.

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  2. hey dude now “Static FBml” is not more available on facebook. Used Iframe. or this one

    Nice Tutorials

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