How to install wordpress in webserver using fantastico

Starting blogging is the decision that is almost made by many people under different circumstances. People have their own dream and reason to start blogging. There are different platform to start blog when people choose wordpress then they must  buy webhosting from company and the problem everyone face is the unknown environment of the web hosting account. When people enter the webhosting account it seems like they put leg on the unknown country where the person will be confused where to get started. This tutorial is for the absolute beginner who are new to webhosting and want to install wordpress in their web server.

Steps Involved in the process

1. Log in into your control panel with the username and password
2. Go to software and serveice and click on fantastic De luxe
fanstastico deluxe
3.  Now The fantastico page will appear with the collection of bundle of script. The installation approach for all the script is basically same. Click on wordpress under navigation section and click on new installation.

wordpress installation

4. Fill the necessary information. In the installation location select the domain name where you want to install wordpress. if you want to install it in separate directory give the name of directory in install in directory. for eg. if you want to install it in give the directory name the blog

install wordpress

5. The fantastico automatically create database for wordpress therefore there is no any extra step involve while creating database. Click on final installation to install wordpress

wordpress install

6. Wordperss will be install in your webserver after this process you can simply the database information and the URL to log in into your wordpress account.

wordpress install 5

Video tutorial of installing wordpress in webserver

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  1. Ekendra THAILAND Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    In fact, Fantastico is now considered obsolete, since they update the newer software updates few days later. Simple Script is one overcoming to rule, they update each software chunk they provide users to install via web server instantly (within few minutes) and besides that SimpleScript has more scripts (s/w) than fantastico in its cpanel.

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