How to install wordpress in local computer

wordpressWordPress is powerful CMS that is used as powerful medium for publishing blog. Today WordPress has grown itself as the world’s largest self hosted blogging tool. WordPress installation in local computer has numerous advantage. If you are WordPress beginner, then you must know certain facts before getting started. WordPress has two different choices. WordPress self hosted blog and WordPress blog hosted on WordPress self hosted blog is an open source script or software that can be downloaded from WordPress official website. Therefore, you can install the WordPress in your own web server and customize it according to your needs by installing themes, plugins etc. blog on the other hand is a community of blogger who use WordPress for publishing their blog. Their website is hosted by WordPress under the sub domain However, CSS customization and domain name will be available for premium user. This tutorial is for self hosted WordPress blog which needs webserver to operate. In our case, we will use wampserver or xamp server which is a combination of apache mysql and php which helps to run server in your computer.

Step 1: Download Wamp or Xamp Server.

Note: (This tutorial is based on wamp server therefore I recommended you to download wamp server)
1. You can use either wamp or xamp server for this operation.Please note that I am using wamp server for this tutorial the basic step for both are same. However, there are some minor changes in some portion which i will be elaborating during tutorial session.

2. Run the installation widget and you will see icon on right hand screen. The below screen shot is of wamp server, if you have use xamp server the icon may look different.

Step 2nd: Create Database

Everything that you do in wordpress will be stored in the database therefore you need to create database before installing wordpress in your computer.

1. Start wamp server

2. Go to localhost/phpmyadmin. Install the database name, the entered database will be used in local server while installing wordpress.


3. After the process, you need to create the user for the database you have created before. click on privileges and add a new user to add a new user.


4. Add username and password and in the host choose local which will automatically change the host to localhost. In the global privileged click on check all. Follow the same procedure on the screen shot.


Step 3: Installing WordPress

1. Download wordpress for wordpress official website.  and paste it on www directory of wamp server. Paste the subfolder inside the wordpress folder in www directory. if you paste wordpress folder in www directory.  Your website address will be http://localhost/wordpress


2. Open your web browser and open http://localhost/. The the below screen will be appear to you:

wordpress-locally-installation-second-step2. Enter the database name, usename and password that you have created before. In host type localhost.

wordpress-setup-in-wamp3. Enter the site title, username and password for the wordpress blog the username and password will be used while signing into your wordpress blog.

wordpress-site-tilte-manually4. You have successfully install WordPress on your local computer. Click on login to use WordPress.


Video tutorial

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