How to: install and uninstall application from terminal in Ubuntu

ubuntu-logoAfter you install any new version of ubuntu, you may want to install the new softwares to your Linux system. You can install the software in two ways: With Ubuntu Software Center or through the command line. Installing and Uninstalling software through command line in Linux comes in very handy. Normally you can use ubuntu software center for this purpose. But if you want to do without software center you can easily use terminal for this purpose. I am going to demonstrate how to install and uninstall softwares in my Linux Ubuntu.

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Install software using Terminal:

  • Go to Applications >>> Accessories >>> Terminal Or you can also open the terminal by pressing Ctrl+Alt+T.
  • As the terminal opens, type:
  • sudo<space>apt-get<space>install<space>application_name (Replace application name with the application you want to install)
  • If you want to install abiword in your Ubuntu then type:
  • sudo apt-get install abiword

Install software in Linux

Normally, you have to type your password and then type ‘Y’ for Yes and wait until it install.

Uninstall program using Terminal:

  • sudo<space>apt-get<space>remove<space>application_name(Replace the application name that you want to uninstall
  • If you want to remove the software abiword then type:
  • sudo apt-get remove abiword

Uninstall software in Linux

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