How to install Python 3.2.3 in Linux

python 3 for linuxMost of the package managers for various Linux distro are coded in Python. Thus, Python is available as default in most of the Linux distributions. Type “python” in the terminal and the Python interpreter will open if Python is installed in your system. Also “which python” will give the path of the python. “python –version” will give the recent version of python available in your system. Python 3.2.3 is the latest python. Python 3 is available in the repo of Debian, Mint Ubuntu by default. To install Python do:

sudo apt-get install python3

Install Python from Source:

This tutorial explains how to install Python 3.2.3 from the source. Download Python 3.2.3 .

Extract in /opt directory:

tar xvjf  Python-3.2.3.tar.bz2 -C /opt



sudo make install

Python is successfully installed in /opt directory.

But we also want to open Python 3 in the interpreter using Terminal. So, let’s copy Python3 to /usr/bin. Type:

cp python3 /usr/bin

Type “python3″ in the terminal.
python3 linux

Note: Never ever delete the original python in your distro which comes by default. Package manager are written in Python 2 version so package manager won’t work after deleting python 2 version.


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