How to install third party or APK applications on Android phone

This tutorial explains how to install third party or APK application on Android Phone.

Android is the most promising and powerful mobile operating system. Since it’s first launch from 2004 Android has a come a long way and almost more than 50% of today’s smartphone runs Android Operating System. The applications for the Android phone is available in a place called “Play Store” which was previously called “Market”. You may want to check out Google Play Store where you can install applications in your phone using that website. Some Android applications may be not published in the Play store or market for various reasons. Also, you may look around the web and find many websites offering free Android applications. Those applications can be directly be downloaded into your mobile phone or computer. The extension of Android application is .apk. Thus, by third party applications we mean the apps that are not published in Google Android. In this tutorial, I am going to show you how to install APK applications or third party applications in your Android phone.

Step 1: Allow Non-Market Sources:

Go to Settings > Applications and Check on Unknown sources. This will allow installations of non-Market applications i.e third party applications or other manually downloaded APK applications.

Enable unknown sources in android phone

 Step 2: Copy file into SD card:

Copy the APK applications into your SD card.

Step 2: Install Application manager

Search for “Easy Installer” in the play store or the market and install it. What it does is scan all SD card and show all the third party or APK applications available.

install easy installer


Step 4: Install APK file

Open Easy Installer and it will automatically shows the available APK applications in your SD card. Check the apps you want to install and Click on Install Selected Apps to install the application in your phone.

install apk file using easy installer

There are also applications manager available in the Google Play Store. Also, some android phones already have application manager pre-installed.

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