How to install Korn shell in Ubuntu

Korn shell is a old command line interface of Unix. Korn shell language and script is executed by ksh whereas Bash Shell script is executed by sh. I will do more tutorials on shell scripting and programming in future. Ubuntu 11.10 has a Bash Shell which is newer than Korn shell. Korn shell scripts can’t be executed by Bash shell. So, we need to install Korn Shell in Ubuntu.

To install Korn Shell in Ubuntu:

There is package called ‘ksh’. You just need to install that package and switch to ksh shell.

Go to terminal and type:

sudo apt-get install ksh

install korn shell in UbuntuTo switch to the korn shell from your bash shell type ksh:

ksh in Ubuntu

To exit from the ksh and return to the bash shell type “exit.”

Video Tutorial

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