Install Firefox 13 alpha 2 via ppa in Ubuntu

Firefox 13 alpha 2 ppa is now available for Ubuntu users. The Ubuntu user including Ubuntu 12.04 can simply install and test it in their system  with ppa. Since you are using the alpha version minor crash are likely to be happen. I suggest you not to use it for your daily browsing activities. Don’t forget to report the bug If you find one.

There are several improvement in firefox 13 alpha 2. Firefox 13 is available to its Aurora channel. So what’s new in Firefox 13 alpha 2.

Firefox now serves users with most visited pages while opening new tab. This features in not new to chrome users.

firefox 13 alpha 2 ubuntu

The awesome bar will auto complete the typed URs request.

firefox 13 alpha 2 speed dials

SPDY has finally be used as default. It helps to reduce webpages latency and improve security using several techniques such as multiplexing, compression, prioritization.

The scrolling is smooth than previous version making it easier to browse the website with lot of content

Other several improvement are added for developer including new element for CSS3

How to install it in Ubuntu
Open the terminal(ctrl+alt+T) and run the following command.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-mozilla-daily/firefox-aurora
sudo apt-get udpate
sudo apt-get install firefox aurora

Final conclusion: Firefox 13 has included few major new function The web browsing experience is improved to certain extend while analyzing with previous version. If you are installing it in Ubuntu please note that this will replace the existing version of firefox with firefox 13 alpha 2.

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  1. papatom POLAND Mozilla Firefox Linux says:

    There’s a typo in the installation script: udpate instead of update.

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